Understanding the Types of Divorce

Divorce means different things for different people and can take an emotional toll on the family. There are several ways you can choose to dissolve your marriage, and you may not have to take your ex to court. If you’re getting a divorce in Michigan, here are some things you should know about your options.

No-fault divorce

In a no-fault divorce, both partners agree that the marriage should end but don’t blame the divorce on each other. Irreconcilable differences are often the reason cited for a no-fault divorce and neither party has to provide evidence that the marriage should end.

Uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce can save money and time since both parties have agreed on how the marital assets will be divided. The divorcing spouses have also come to an agreement concerning custody and child support. The process is usually quick and doesn’t require going to court, but some individuals could be giving up certain rights such as retirement benefits or alimony.

Simplified divorce

Couples who choose a simplified divorce usually do not have children and have only been married for a short period of time. In a simplified divorce, the couple usually doesn’t have many assets to divide between them. This option can be less stressful and the filing process usually takes about 30 days to be finalized.

Limited divorce

Limited divorce is much like legal separation, although some states do not permit this option. The rules for a legal separation are in effect for this type of divorce are enforced, which means divorcing spouses can not cohabitate or be intimate with each other or anyone else during the divorce proceedings. Couples who need to settle asset division and financial issues may opt for a limited divorce since it gives each party time to sort out the details before the divorce is finalized.

Determining the right type of divorce for you will depend on the needs of your family and how quickly you want to complete the divorce process.

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