Summer Custody Schedule Used by Michigan Courts

As Michigan families get ready for summer, their parenting schedules might need to be different than for the rest of the year. Children are no longer in school but might have some summer activities that they want to complete, or the parents might each want to take their kids on vacation. When custody is being determined by the court, these differences are considered.

How are parenting schedules decided?

Like all other decisions made in child custody cases, the parenting schedule, whether for normal time or for holidays and vacation periods is decided in the best interests of the child as the standard. As the court considers that in most cases the best interest of the child is to spend time with both parents to promote their relationship and bond, parenting schedules will reflect this. Whether parents have shared custody and the children split their time about equally with each parent or they have primary custody and visitation, holidays and vacation periods are treated slightly differently so that parents and children get to spend time together over these days as they grow.

Summer vacation schedules

When it comes to summer vacation, the summer parenting schedule is usually different from the regular week and weekend schedule. Some of the changes that are made might include:

  • Each parent getting three weeks of parenting time with their child over the summer break
  • 2 weeks of the parenting time will be in 14 consecutive days
  • 1 week of the parenting time, which includes all 7 consecutive days, will be alternated with the other parent
  • Each parent’s time with the child will begin at 8 pm on Sundays

Of course, parents are always free to come up with their own proposals subject to court approval.

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