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It goes without saying that no matter the sport, professional athletes are a small part of a major industry, consisting of many moving parts that affect their day to day lives, and ultimate success on the field or court. With such high stakes, and at the most elite of levels in the industry, a wrong decision in one’s course of action in their career can negatively affect not only their individual image, but everything else including that of their team, owners, investors, partners, fans, and franchise as a whole. This insurmountable pressure may seem daunting, but the reality is simply that professional athletes need expert legal guidance in order to avoid a potential abundance of issues that may arise during their time in the spotlight.

Attorney Joshua Faber at Berlin Family Law Group is an experienced Michigan sports law attorney who offers advice, guidance, support and representation to athletes and other sports professionals. At a high point in their career, a professional athlete should have the luxury of focusing on their physical performance, and let a legal team handle any larger issues relating to technicalities such as brand image, partnerships, contracts, signing, trades, and other matters relating to the business end of the athletic industry as whole.

Many Areas Of Sports Law Guidance

Athletes and other high-profile professionals who are involved in sports from any angle often need more than just league, team or player agreement or contract advice. While they may look to their trainers or coaches for physical guidance, business guidance from sports contract lawyers is often just as important for securing the longevity and success of a career as a high level athlete in any league. Knowing this, and having a real passion for connecting with athletes, sports lawyers like Attorney Faber can help both seasoned athletes and those who are just starting out with a wide variety of legal issues including:

  • Licensing and merchandising agreements

  • Marketing and endorsements, including usage rights and negotiating content agreements for any name, image and likeness related deals

  • Copyright and trademark issues for any personal branding or entrepreneurial endeavors that an athlete may pursue in order to enhance their image

  • Right of publicity and sponsorship for potential partnerships and commercial opportunities that may arise over the course of a career

While being a professional athlete can often be exciting and luxurious, many rookies unfortunately fall prey to the glitz and glam of the industry, and lose sight of how to manage it all, on top of balancing a flourishing physical career. Just like having a mentor in any other space, many young athletes can benefit from the caring guidance and dutiful protection that only an experienced sports law lawyer can offer to them at this stage of their career. Additionally, high-profile and seasoned athletes need a legal professional who understands when discretion is necessary and how to handle breeches of such by any other parties. In sensitive matters that often arise, such as intellectual property, there are often legal options available that work to protect one’s privacy when it comes to personal matters and family law issues such as marital discord or divorce.

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