Sports Law

Qualified Sports Law Representation

Because the stakes are high and a wrong decision in one area can negatively affect everything else, professional athletes need legal guidance for an abundance of issues.

Attorney Joshua Faber at Berlin Family Law Group is an experienced Michigan sports law attorney who offers advice, guidance, support and representation to athletes and other sports professionals.

Many Areas Of Sports Law Guidance

Athletes and other high-profile professionals who are involved in sports often need more than just league, team or player agreement or contract advice. Attorney Faber can help both seasoned athletes and those who are just starting out with a wide variety of legal issues including:
  • Licensing and merchandising agreements
  • Marketing and endorsements
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Right of publicity and sponsorship
Young athletes can benefit from the guidance and protection an experienced sports law lawyer can offer. Additionally, high-profile and seasoned athletes need a legal professional who understands when discretion is necessary. In sensitive matters, there are often legal options available that work to protect one’s privacy when it comes to personal matters and family law issues such as marital discord or divorce.

Get The Tailored, Personal Legal Guidance You Need

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