Keeping Your Divorce as Civil as Possible

If you’re facing a divorce, there’s a reason for it, which means that you and your divorcing spouse are probably not getting along perfectly. This kind of discord is to be expected, but if you let your animosity get the better of you, it can negatively affect your divorce terms. Additionally, if you and your spouse share children, keeping things as civil as possible better supports their well-being. The good news is that you’re not alone – an experienced Troy, Michigan, divorce attorney is standing by to help.

The Terms of Your Divorce

While divorce tends to incite a good deal of emotion, it is nothing more nor less than the dissolution of a legal contract, and the terms that must be resolved – as applicable – include:

Each of these represents an important financial or parental right, which makes affording each the careful consideration it deserves critical. Any one of these has the potential to become a serious sticking point in your divorce, and if that happens, the risk of heightened animosity increases significantly.

Resolving the Terms of Your Divorce

If you and your spouse are able to resolve each applicable divorce term between yourselves and your respective divorce attorneys, you will remain in control of the decision-making process. If not, however, you’ll need the court to make decisions for you. While divorcing spouses generally have plenty to disagree about, most are invested in resolving their cases out of court, and keeping things civil generally facilitates this goal.

Tips for Keeping Things Civil

Keeping your divorce peaceful gives you a better chance of reaching your divorce goals, which makes the following tips especially helpful:

  • Know your limits. If you and your spouse can’t communicate with one another face to face – or even on the phone – stick to texting and other electronic forms of communication.
  • You know your divorcing spouse well, and you know how to push their buttons. Make a genuine effort not to do so.
  • Remember that getting angry and vindictive isn’t going to help protect your parental and financial rights, which should be your primary goal.
  • Remember that when you resort to animosity, it makes things that much more difficult for your children.
  • Adopt a neutral tone – in both spoken and written form – with your soon-to-be ex and don’t be goaded into wavering from it.

A final word about keeping things civil is that it’s a worthy goal but not one you should forego your rights to achieve. If your divorcing spouse is determined to make things as ugly as possible, it’s likely time to cut your losses and head to court.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Troy, MI, Divorce Attorney Today

The compassionate divorce attorneys at the Berlin Family Law Group in Troy, Michigan, applaud your desire to minimize the fireworks in your divorce, and we have the legal skill, resources, and insight to help. Your parental and financial rights are our primary concern, and we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to protect them – while helping you navigate as peaceful a path forward as possible. Learn more by contacting or calling us at 248-453-2391 today.

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