Parenting Time

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Attorneys Advocating For Parenting Time Agreements That Are Peaceful And Productive

Possibly the single most important provision in a Judgment of Divorce or Order of Filiation is parenting time. Parenting time is the schedule of when the children will spend time with each parent. While parents often fight bitterly over physical custody labeling, the actual schedule of parenting time is certainly more important than a designation of physical custodian or joint physical custodian.

At Berlin Family Law Group, we want to protect your relationship with your children and seek parenting time solutions that are in their best interests. Often (though not always), that means keeping both parents actively involved in the lives of their children. Whatever your family’s needs may be, we will work hard to help you achieve them.

Starting From An Assumption Of Fairness

It is our philosophy that parents should continue to parent their children, even after filing for divorce. Toward that end, our typical parenting time schedule first contains a provision that both parents should have access to their children at all reasonable times.
This allows both parents to cooperate with one another and choose parenting time based upon the current situation and best interest of their child. This provision is always followed by a safety net provision providing for specific parenting time with a rigid schedule.
If there are any disputes between the parties regarding parenting time, the parents can always fall back on this specific parenting time schedule to avoid conflict.

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