Child Support

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It’s widely known that raising children is expensive. Those expenses don’t go away when parents get divorced, but they may become more difficult to cover without clear court guidance and the cooperation of both parties. Whether you are seeking child support or being asked to pay, you need the help of an experienced attorney. In Troy and surrounding parts of Michigan, clients have trusted Berlin Family Law Group for more than two decades.

What’s On Paper Doesn’t Always Tell An Accurate Story

In the state of Michigan, child support is strictly dictated by a formula. If the income of the parties is known, the amount of overnight parenting time with each parent is known, health insurance premiums are known, and work-related day care expenses are known and verified, child support calculation is theoretically simple.
These issues become much more complex when self-employment occurs. These issues are equally complicated by claims for imputation of income. Considering the state of our economy, claims of poverty are often rejected with claims for imputation of income.
While child support may seem simple at first blush, a mere scratching of the surface reveals complicated issues. As your attorneys, we will file all necessary paperwork to present an accurate picture of your finances so that the ultimate child support order is fair, sustainable and meets the needs of all involved.

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