Facts About Domestic Mediation in Michigan

The divorce process can be long and arduous, especially for couples with children. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid going to court and instead attempt mediation. If you’re facing a divorce and considering mediation, the information below can help.

What is divorce mediation?

Domestic divorce mediation is an out-of-court process where spouses attempt to resolve divorce issues with the help of a third party. The mediator does not make any decisions for the couple but rather helps them come up with mutually beneficial solutions that are in their best interest.

This type of divorce option may be most suitable for couples who have children and want to avoid the divorce process becoming a major battle. It can also be helpful for couples who have less conflict and simply want an amicable divorce, those who have significant assets or those who are concerned about their privacy.

What happens in divorce mediation?

The divorce mediation process will be different for every couple. It often begins with spouses creating a list of topics that they want to address and then choosing which items on the list are most important to them. The mediator may spend some time talking through these issues with each spouse separately before bringing both parties back together again.

If the couple has been having a hard time deciding on how to divide their assets, for instance, the mediator might help them create a list of assets and then determine how to divide these items fairly. Most sessions end in an agreement; however, remember that divorce mediation is not a binding process.

It’s true that the divorce process can be difficult, but mediation allows spouses to make their own decisions about issues that they want straightened out and how they want to handle their affairs. Therefore, this option is worth considering if you’re heading for divorce.

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