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We Bring Your Future Into The Present

When the legal world becomes a challenge for you and your family, our attorneys are here to provide you with clarity and guidance that takes your family’s needs into account. We understand the emotional toll that this can play in your life, and we treat your situation with an appropriate amount of levity and attention while also offering a caring and supportive environment. At Berlin Family Law Group, we work to achieve your best possible results because your future matters.


Family law issues are some of the most stressful because we have invested so much of ourselves into the relationship, our children, and the building of a future together.

Creative Solutions Grounded In Experience

Our firm has served Michigan’s family law needs for over 20 years. In that time, we have come to realize that there is no cure-all for a family’s issues in family court. Instead, the law needs to find a way to work for families. We approach the law with problem-solving in mind and use our experience to formulate a plan as unique as your family. When your family needs an advocate in issues like divorce, adoption, child custody or another family law issue, we are here to support you.

Reach out to our office and schedule a consultation. We are glad to listen to your story, connect you with a family law attorney and begin your journey to a more peaceful future. Call us at 248-655-7980 or use the contact form to get in touch with us about your divorce or family law issue.

A Divorce Plan Designed For You

One of the most difficult things any person will face during divorce is the sense of uncertainty and impersonality of the legal process. You feel like you have no control, and, often, you feel like the system does not care about your story. Our attorneys listen and make the legal system work for you.
We help you ensure that your divorce proceedings take your full story into consideration. We know that context matters. Whether we are protecting your long-standing business or advocating for your child’s best interests, our team of divorce attorneys is here — we stand by you.


Our Expert professional law team is always ready to serve you the best solution!

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