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Child Custody Attorney in Troy, MI

child custody lawyer birminghamAre you looking to secure custody of your children? For a reliable child custody attorney in Troy, MI, look no farther than the experts at Berlin Family Law Group. Mr. Berlin is an experienced lawyer specialized in family law disputes. With over twenty years of family law practice experience, our firm is more than qualified to help determine the best interests of your children.

Battling over custody of your children can cause additional discomfort between you and your spouse’s children. Often parents forget about the cares and needs of their children amidst the stress and difficulties caused by divorce. Don’t let this complex situation be responsible for further unhappiness amongst your family.

At Berlin Law Group, we’ll help arrange the proper and reasonable guidelines to enforce your visitation rights and child support payments. We will ensure that your children receive the support and care that they’ll need post-divorce.

Call the Berlin Family Law Group today for a child custody attorney in Troy, MI that you can trust. If your family’s scales have been tipped, our firm will help restore balance back to your life. Contact our offices to schedule a one-on-one consultation or participate in a free session over the phone.

  • 6 Years at Oakland County Friends Of The Court Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Attorney has five children with Stable Marriage
  • Speaker at the Family Law section at the State Bar of Michigan
  • Member State Bar Association
  • Member Oakland County Bar Association
  • Has worked with Dads & Moms of Michigan
  • Graduate of Wayne State University