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Family Lawyer in Troy, MI

We are committed to your privacy in these trying times, and have the knowledge and experience to move your case along smoothly. With over 20 years of Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody experience, trust the Metropolitan Detroit family law experts. While we can help you with most any family law issues, below are some of our specialties:

A divorce can needlessly divide families and cause irreparable damage. Rash decision-making on both sides of the dispute can lead to problems and mistakes later in the legal process. At Berlin Family Law, we work to take the stress off your shoulders and make these transitions as smooth as possible for everyone involved. We will work out all aspects of your divorce, including the distribution of properties and assets, child custody and support and mediation.

Child Custody
Are you looking to secure custody of your children? For a reliable child custody attorney in Troy, MI, look no farther than the experts at Berlin Family Law Group. Mr. Berlin is an experienced lawyer specialized in family law disputes. With over twenty years of family law practice experience, our firm is more than qualified to help determine the best interests of your children.

Parenting Time
Possibly the single most important provision in a Judgment of Divorce or Order of Filiation is parenting time. Parenting time is the schedule of when the children will spend time with each parent. While parents often fight bitterly over physical custody labeling, the actual schedule of parenting time is certainly more important than a designation of physical custodian order joint physical custodian.

Child Support
In the State of Michigan, child support is strictly dictate by a formula. If the income of the parties is known, the amount of overnight parenting time with each parent is known, health insurance premiums are known, and work related daycare expenses are known and verified, child support calculation is simple.

Alimony – Spousal Support
Spousal support or alimony can make an otherwise simple divorce case quite difficult, costly, and emotionally draining. Unlike child support, there is no mandated formula for spousal support.

When unmarried couples appear in a hospital to give birth, the father is asked to sign two documents: the Birth Certificate and Acknowledgment of Paternity. Few non-attorneys read the small print on the back of the blue card acknowledging paternity.