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Awards & Recognition


Excellent Divorce Attorney involving Child Custody

“Excellent Divorce Attorney involving Child Custody. High integrity. Knows the judicial system well. Very experienced in Child Custody. Always listened to my input. I was very pleased with Bill Berlin and the end results in my case. A+ grade”  Posted by Steve, a Child Custody client


Life changing experience

“I know Bill Berlin personally and I can attest to his amazing character. He is an incredible lawyer whose work completely changed my life. He fought for me and my rights like I was his own child (I was a young person being forced to visit my abusive parent). He is the most hardworking, dedicated, talented, intelligent lawyer you will ever meet. Between the stories I have heard and my own experience, I honestly know that Bill is passionate about his work and his work ethic exemplifies his passion. After he saved my life, I’ve continued to become close with him and his family, and throughout the 8 years that I’ve known Bill, never once has his dedication or integrity faltered. If you ever need someone who is going to care about YOU and what you are experiencing- see Bill Berlin. Please, don’t waste time or money on anyone else like I did.” Posted by a Family client

“Bill was an excellent resource and had intimate knowledge of the entire proceedings, from the very beginning to the potential outcomes….”Posted by james, a Divorce client


Client Review

“A very unique person. friendly and truthful. unusual qualities I know for an attorney and he happens to be a very good one. has the right character and temperament for the difficult issues within the family court area. as a person that has experienced two other attorney’s considered to be the best Bill’s results were superior.” Posted by jeff, a Child Support client


Professional Integrity

“Mr. Berlin was my last attorney in a long line of extremely volatile hearings regarding parenting. Previous attorneys were not only ineffective, but they exacerbated the already heated issues without helping to resolve them.

Mr. Berlin did an excellent job while upholding the highest level of integrity. His primary concern was for my child’s well being, and he kept that at the forefront with professional objectivity and fairness.” Posted by cheryl, a Child Custody client


Made process simple

“I recommend Mr. Berlin to anybody that I come across who is having family/custody issues. He made what I thought was going to be an arduous ordeal into a simple matter, he is knowledgeable, honest, and an all around great individual both as an attorney and a person. He took all of the anxieties I had of the court process away, and replaced them with certainty and calm.” Posted by a Child Custody client


Family Law issues?? Call Bill Berlin FIRST!!!

“Bill Berlin is by far the most knowledgeable and prepared attorney I have ever come across. He has helped my family immensely and has advocated for my daughter as though she were his own. Bill is totally hands on, organized, aggressive but approachable, and can be considered and expert in the field of Family Law. Don’t make the mistake of consulting with other family law attorney’s, Call Bill First!!!” Posted by a Family client